AdventureQuest Worlds

AdventureQuest Worlds is a pretty old MMORPG game that came out in 2008. MMORPG stands for massively multiplayer online role-playing game. I started playing this game in 2011 but over the years it got boring. Now I usually come on once or twice a year for about a month before it get’s boring again, then the cycle repeats itself. I’m currently in the phase of playing the game, probably for a month or two and then stop playing again for awhile. It was super fun back in ye old days but the playerbase was dropping over the years and today there’s about 10,000 people online as of when I’m righting this post. The developers of the game, Artix charactercreation-freeEntertainment, are trying to pick up the amount of players by trying to port it over to Steam or mobile, but it’ll take a long while. When you start the game, you have to make a character. You can choose the character’s gender, hair style, hair color, eye color, and skin color, but that’s not important. The important thing is one of the four classes you can choose; either Warrior, Healer, Mage, or Rogue. Warrior is a brute force class that relies on it’s strength to beat the enemy. Healer is as it’s name suggests, is a healer. It’s a support class and it’s primary goal is to heal the other players but it can also fight fairly well. Mage deals it’s damage in spells. It can attack enemies from a range but honestly that’s not very useful since enemies can just lunge up to you anyway. Rogue is an assassin type class that uses it’s ability to dodge and it’s quick attacks to deal damage to the enemy. There are so many more classes in this game and me explaining these four starter classes makes them sound really cheesy but it’s not that cheesy if you ever get around to playing the game. Here is a list of every class in the game. After you create your character and you first start the game, it brings you into the tutorial where it walks you through the basics like doing quests and killing your first monster and enhancements to make your weapon or armor stronger. There are hundreds of weapons, armor, and classes. The objective of the game is to complete quests and get gold and exp but also to obtain weapons, classes, and armor. There is a main storyline and several other side storylines that you can do to keep yourself interested for years, then it’ll probably get boring, like right now.adventure-quest-worlds-6

Kernel Writing (Curiosity: One thing you’d like to know about)

I have always wondered about space. Space is basically infinite and still expands at near the speed of light. The universe is so vast, so endless, so timeless. All the atoms that make us make the Earth, a rather small planet, that orbits the Sun, also a rather small star, that is apart of a solar system out of the millions/billions of solar systems in our galaxy, which is a rather small galaxy, in a sea full of billions more galaxies. Every speck of sand on Earth would not equate to the amount of galaxies there are in the universe. But, all of this could go away in some billions of years due to one thing; black holes.

Black holes possess nearly infinite gravity and will suck in anything that gets close enough to it, even light. Light travels at 299,792,458 m/s and if light can’t escape (once it reaches the event horizon), well then nothing can. Black holes are formed from stars going supernova. If a star is big enough, when it dies it will collapse on itself and unleash a huge explosion that can travel at 10% the speed of light. One of the brightest stars in our sky, Betelgeuse, is 642 light-years away and could explode in the next 100,000 years. A light-year is how far light travels in a year. One light-year equals to 5.9 trillion miles and 5.9 trillion times 642 is a really big number. Betelgeuse is roughly 900 times the size of our Sun and when it does collapse it will be billions of times brighter than our Sun and will be as bright as a full moon but it will take the light from the supernova quite awhile to get to us. Betelgeuse then, no doubt, will possible become a black hole.maxresdefault

Black holes are formed when any form of matter is compressed past it’s Schwarzschild radius. If we were to somehow crush the Earth to the size of a golf ball we would have a black hole. About 1.3 million Earths can fit inside the Sun, and if the Sun were to shrink to the size of Manhattan, we would have a black hole. Black holes devour everything in their path. They are essential for the universe to exist but they will also be the death of the universe. In the middle of every galaxy is a supermassive black hole. The supermassive black hole in the middle of our galaxy is called Sagittarius A. The universe doesn’t have infinite resources to keep making new stars and since it’s expanding at an enormous rate, the birthrate of stars can’t keep up with the universe. More stars will die then they are born and galaxies will drift farther apart due to the universe’s expansion. It’s weird to think that in a few billions of years, whoever is watching the night sky from Earth will see nothing, just black. While the black holes are playing Pac-Man with everything, their only enemy is time. The only way a black hole dies is because of Hawking radiation. Hawking radiation is extremely difficult to understand for me since I’m not an astrophysicist, but that’s the only thing that can destroy a black hole. Basically, it takes forever for a black hole to die unless it keeps feeding on stuff. The universe of just a giant game of for black holes. After the black holes devour everything, the universe will end, and the death of black holes will soon follow, leaving the universe at a fraction of a degree above absolute zero with a few particles in it. Oh yeah, time passes by extremely slowly around a black hole and once you fall into the event horizon of a black hole, time just stops. Also, if you were to fall into a black hole, you would be able to see the back of your head before getting stretched to seven feet long and torn apart.interstellar_1

What lies beyond a black hole? Everything get’s sucked in and ripped apart and that’s it. We don’t know what happens next. Some scientists theorize that on the other side of a black hole is a white hole, even more theoretical than a black hole. A white hole is the opposite of a black hole. It spits things out instead of sucking things in. How does a black hole have near infinite gravity? The scary thing is scientists are creating tiny black holes in particle accelerators by smashing atoms together. Of course, it’s not actually dangerous. It dies in milliseconds after being created, but to think that we can make black holes is kind of scary. We should hope to (insert spiritual being or whatever) that a black hole never gets anywhere near us since it would just destroy the whole solar system.


Interstellar’s vision of what could lie beyond a black hole. (A physical 4th dimension)

Even with all these crazy cosmic stuff floating around, I think I’ll stick to school and videogames for now. Reality is crazier than fiction. Sadly we are destroying the only planet we have. There’s a giant hole in the sky, our oceans are turning into acid, and all we’re doing is building a wall. It won’t matter eventually since we’ll be dead at some point. What’s more depressing however is how we’ll never be able to explore what’s out there in our lifetime. We’ll never get to see what alien life lies out there.

Clash Royale Blog for Mr. Boss

Don’t you just love Clash Royale? Me too! (Nah I’m kidding, I don’t even play this gameScreenshot_20170424-205707 anymore but I’ll write about it because I have nothing else to write about and since Mr. Boss’ blog is about Clash Royale, I’ll write about Clash Royale. I started to play Clash Royale I believe March last year. I remember playing on my friend’s account. His name was “moistytoes.” Yep, I know, weird name. He got it when it was first released and I remember playing with the OP prince on his account and I just spammed everything down and hoped to destroy my opponents. When I got the game, I remember my first epic as being a baby dragon. Fast forward to summer, I stopped playing a game, only battling like twice a week or so and I was beginning to get seriously bored of the game. A few months later during Halloween, I finally found my first legendary from the legendary chest I found from battling,(because everyone was finding legendaries so I decided to battle) and I got the graveyard. Pretty spooky right? A graveyard unboxed on Halloween. A few weeks later I bought a legendary chest and got the miner. So these legendaries got me back into Clash Royale, for like a week or two anyway, and then I just stopped playing altogether, occasionally coming on the collect my free chests and request cards. One day just two weeks ago, I nonchalantly opened up the game and sped through my free chests, and I got my first legitimate legendary; the log. I celebrated for a good fifteen seconds then was back to my calm state since I don’t even play this game anymore. This was my first legitimate legendary since the first one I got from a guaranteed legendary from the legendary chest and the second one I bought, which was also guaranteed a legendary. So today I only get on when there is a clan battle event going on. I am currently level 10 with 2869 trophies, which I’ve had since July. I don’t have pictures of the unboxing of the graveyard and the miner because they disappeared into the abyss. Below are pictures of my current deck, which I use for clan battles, and the opening of the log. Screenshot_20170424-205756


Finished My PC! + Other Things

PC update: I finished my PC on Saturday April 1st. Hehe, it’s not a prank though. It’s a
great PC that took about four hours to build and I cut my finger while doing it. It still hasn’t healed fully and it’s been a week. Good thing I was at my dad’s house while building it because my dad has pretty fast Wi-Fi, which made it m20170401_203000uch easier to download all the drivers, software, and games. If I was at home, things would still be downloading today probably. My internet at home is 3Mbps download and 1Mbps upload. Cable management was a big pain and took about half an hour to organize them all. The picture on the right is a picture of before I managed all the cables. If you’re building a computer for the first time and it doesn’t boot up, some of the most common things I’ve heard is that people forget to turn on their power supply or they forget to connect their 8-pin CPU cable. Now for the performance of this PC. It performs very well. It’s great for 1080/1440p high/ultra settings on most games. You can find the full parts list here. The main part my PC is the i5-7600k, which is slightly overclocked to 4.2GHz. I’ll probably overclock it further in the future. The EVGA GTX 1070 FTW is not overclocked, but I’ll probably overclock that too in the future. And I have 16GB of DDR4 ram running at 3000MHz. To top it all off, I have a VG248QE 144Hz monitor for an extremely smooth experience. A standard monitor is 60Hz, which means it refreshes 60 times in one second, or basically it changes each pixel color 60 times in a second, but 144Hz monitors change each pixel 144 times in one second, making it much smoother. 144Hz monitors do come with a drawback though. They sacrifice color accuracy for that buttery smoothness, but you can do some color calibration to help with the color accuracy.

Benchmarks: Now for some benchmarks of this PC. GTA V has an average FPS of 92.4 and a max FPS of 142.8 FPS on very high settings at 1920×1080. In CS:GO I used this (unofficial) benchmark and got an average FPS of 374.82 at 1920×1080 on max settings. And for the final benchmark I used Fire Strike and got a score of 14,580. That basically concludes my blog about my new PC. Thanks for reading. Below are a few images of my setup.


Desktop background is Heath Ledger’s Joker created by Justin Maller


Computer Stuff


S340 case from NZXT

The post is going to be about the computer I’ll be building this weekend (hopefully). I was originally supposed to build it last weekend but not all the parts arrived yet. I can only build it during the weekend since my dad ordered the parts and he lives way up in Rowland Heights. My play originally was to build it myself, but my dad wanted to build it with me, which made me die a little inside since I’m pretty certain he doesn’t know much about computers and he’s pretty commanding, so I hope none of the parts break this weekend. I saved up money since I was really young, not for the intent of building a computer, but I just didn’t spend any money, also partially because my mom doesn’t let me spend money, unless it’s my birthday or Christmas, or something I need. So then my dad just throws a curveball and says he’ll pay for the parts so I can build it before spring break. I’m not spoiled but I’m not sure what he was thinking, but I’ll take it with gratitude anyway. I have, or well he has everything except the GPU and the case. I’m just waiting for those two things to arrive. I showed the case above because it just looks really nice, so yeah. The basic specs for my PC is an i5-7600k, a GTX 1070 from EVGA, and 16GB of DDR4 ram. You can look at the full parts list here. For anyone wanting to build a computer but is hesitant about it, it’s not hard really. The hardest part about building a computer is getting the money to do so. There are a bunch of help online and many tutorials on YouTube to help you with your PC. Also, if you wish to build a PC, you should probably take extra precaution to buy an ESD wrist strap so you don’t fry any of the parts with the static electricity from your body, or you could just touch a piece of metal every few minutes but that’s a bit tedious and an ESD wrist strap isn’t expensive anyway. Also make sure you don’t build on a carpet or with socks on since you’re rubbing your body on the fabric, building up static. If you’re deathly afraid of somehow still frying your parts even though all these steps will pretty much ensure that you don’t, you can go the extra mile by buzzing off all your hair and being naked while building you PC, but that’s kind of weird. Anyway, maybe next time I’ll be typing a post it’ll probably be on my new PC. Oh yeah, and make sure you put RGB lights everywhere to make your build way more cool. Just kidding (but do it anyway!)


(Not my PC by the way)

Impossible to win an argument against a parent? Same.

rabbia-lui-e-leiHave you ever not been able to win an argument against a parent just because they have more power than you? I have; all the time. My mom will almost always either say I’m talking back to her and she’ll stay mad at me for awhile, like a day or more, or she’ll just give me the silent treatment and not talk to me for like a half a week to a week, and that’s if the argument get’s really heated. This is really annoying because it’s just so boring not talking to anyone for a whole week except for the people at school. Anyway, back to the arguments. It’s impossible to win any arguement for me anyway because as stated above, she’ll just say I’m talking back to her, or she’ll play the victim. So let’s say I’m playing a game with my friends and just enjoying myself and minding my own business, and then all of a sudden she’ll tell me to stop playing and go clean the house or something, and it’s pretty clean, except I’m kind of disorganized. I barely get to play games except on the weekends, or if I have no homework at all and I’m done practicing piano and everything is done, then I can play, for a little bit anyway. But anyway, why do I have to do the parent’s responsibilities? I’m just a kid. Let me enjoy my time being a kid while it’s here. I can’t be a kid forever you know. I can do all that adult responsibilities later when I am an adult. And I tell her that I barely play and she says something like “Okay. Keep playing and your grades will drop and you’ll grow up ending up on the streets” or something along those lines. How is playing a game for a little going to lead me to being a homeless? I’m not sure. And I tell her this and of course she says I’m talking back to her and blah blah blah you know the rest. Another example is this weekend. My internet was out all Friday and it was super bad on Saturday, and on Sunday a technician from our ISP had to come to see what was going on with our internet. It was from the wind and rain from Friday. It wasn’t just us, it was our entire street too. And also while he was fixing it, we didn’t have Wi-fi again, so no Wi-Fi that day either. We really didn’t have any plans for the weekend so we just went to see The LEGO Batman Movie. Great movie by the way. Really funny and a lot of references to other movies. So I couldn’t even do anything on all three of those days so I did some homework and the rest of the online homework I did today, the day I’m writing this blog. Since I couldn’t do anything, I just watched YouTube on my phone through the weekend, and ended up using 1 gigabyte of 4g, and I don’t have unlimited 4g. And so today I actually had Wi-Fi and I could actually play, and so I played. But only for one hour though. AND THEN, my mom get’s mad at me for no reason and says that I play too much. And I said I only played for one hour the entire weekend, and she said that watching YouTube or doing whatever that’s not homework is playing. And I got so frustrated and started arguing back and it was a long and hard-fought argument and I made really good points in defending myself, but of course I can’t win because I’m just a kid. My mom “ended” the argument with “fine, your life is your life and my life is mine, so I’ll just leave you alone and not care for you.” ???????. I know. What does that have anything to do with playing a game. I’m not sure how it got to that. Oh yeah, she’s mad at me right now, probably giving me the silent treatment, but I don’t feel like finding out because I don’t want to talk to her. Thanks for listening.charliebrown11

Fastest Man Alive?

the-flash-reverse-flash-blurry-1280jpg-57ab74_1280wIn the television show The Flash, Barry Allen (The Flash) believes he is the fastest man alive. In season one of The Flash, Barry beat his biggest rival, the Reverse Flash. Reverse Flash learned of Barry’s secret identity and went back in time to try to kill Barry as a young child, but failed and instead killed his mother. After this event, Reverse Flash (Eobard Thawne) lost the ability to travel back and forth in time, and was stuck in the 21st century. Since he knew that Barry was the only way he could get back to his time in the future, he disguised himself as Dr. Harrison Wells and “helped” Barry get faster. Once Barry found out who Reverse Flash really was, he was motivated to kill him and seek revenge for his mother, yet Reverse Flash was much faster than him. After killing Eobard Thawne, Barry felt somewhat accomplished and he believed he was the fastest man alive once again.

However, Barry was proved wrong that he was not the fastest man alive when in season two (after defeating the Reverse Flash), another rival came along. This one much faster than the Reverse Flash and much more menacing, by the name of Zoom. Zoom came to Earth-1, where Barry lives, from Earth-2 to steal Barry’s speed. Zoom got sick and was dying because he took a speed drug and it was slowly killing him. He also wanted Barry’s speed so he could get much faster and he would have no competition in dominating the world, well many worlds since there are infinite Earths. When Barry tried to fight Zoom, he didn’t even compare to the power and speed Zoom had. Barry was like a tortoise compared to Zoom, and Zoom broke Barry’s spine, but luckily for Barry his speed gave him very fast regenerative abilities, although it did take weeks for the injury to heal and several more for Barry to pick up his speed again. Since Zoom couldn’t take Barry’s speed by force, he manipulated Barry’s friends to do it for him. He held hostage Harrison Wells’ (from Earth-2) daughter and he could only get her back if he gave Zoom Barry’s speed. Since he would do anything for his daughter, that’s what he did, and Zoom being how evil he is, wouldn’t give Harrison’s (also called Harry) daughter back.

Barry believes the situation is hopeless for him since now he is even slower and Zoom is so much stronger and faster than him. Zoom starts threatening Barry saying that he will hold his family and friends hostage and kill them if
Barry doesn’t give Zoom his speed. Zoom becomes impatient and begins to torture Barry emotionally instead of physically by doing what he said he would do, taking Barry’s family and friends hostage. He takes Barry’s step-brother Wally hostage, and if Barry didn’t give his speed up soon, Zoom would kill him, so Barry gave up his speed. The Speed Force (where all speedsters get their powers from) gets angry at Barry for just giving up his speed like that, and asks him why he rejected his gift. The Speed Force would only give him his speed back if he accepted that he could not outrun tragedy and he couldn’t fight everything. The Speed Force leads Barry to his mother’s house where Barry and his “mother” share many memories and read a memorable book together, and only then did the Speed Force think he was ready to get his speed back and return to the real world.

So now that Barry has his speed back, he thinks he has a fighting chance, but is still very far from ready to face Zoom. Barry begins to train harder than ever before and him and his friends/team develop strategies to defeat Zoom. They discover a great new piece of technology called a “tachyon enhancer” which allows Barry to run MUCH faster than he ever ran before, but he still must keep training, and all of this is happening while Zoom is laying waste to the city, and if Barry can’t beat Zoom, well it won’t end well for anyone, which unfortunately Zoom ends up killing Barry’s father, which mthe-flash-season-2-finale-zoomotivates Barry even more that he has to stop Zoom. After awhile, Barry believes he is fast enough to take on Zoom, and when they clash, Barry outsmarted Zoom by making a Time Remnant, which is basically going back in time to convince his past self to help him defeat Zoom, but his Time Remnant will die in the process. The Speed Force was also a major factor of this final battle, as the Speed Force finally caught up with Zoom since he tried to enhance his speed synthetically with that drug as I mentioned earlier, and since the Speed Force doesn’t like that, like cheating on a test and getting a 0, instead the Speed Force holds Zoom prisoner.

And now Barry is far faster than ever and he believes he is the fastest man alive once again. After this whole fiasco Barry has learned not to trust everyone that he stumbles across, since Zoom turned out to be Hunter Zoloman, who disguised his name as Jay Garrick and pretended to be Barry’s friend. So Barry misplaced his trust twice on two people that turned out to be his two biggest rivals so far… Barry also learned to get the help of his REAL friends and family and to trust their help and advice.


Photo Jens F-Jensen 2011© (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)